Behaviour Analytics

Connecting the dots, the art of creating a metric4 dynamic and live spaces

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Promotes team efficiencies

Smart Buildings

Provides realtime analytics

Safety and Security

Deploys actionable insights


Monetizes your data

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Solid and distinctive method in the space analytics area using state-of-the-art neural networks applied to computer vision

We aim to benefit our clients or partners with worthy
and actionable insights which can make their businesses thrive.

Meaningful data

We transform available data in business performance indicators and integrated customer experiences through an easy and intuitive step-by-step deployment process. Democratizing access to critical information is our goal.

Powerful process

Leveraging the power of state-of-the-art machine learning processes applied to image processing, we are able to capture accurate and reliable data.
Our proprietary software that can make use of customer image feeds and flexible IoT ingestion platform ensures that what is important to you is delivered no matter at what stage you are.

Actionable insights

Through powerful computer vision algorithms supported by neural networks, it is possible to obtain reliable people positioning and tracking which allows us to deploy accurate and worthy KPIs that will support your business and make it thrive.

Eng.º João Brito Engenheiro, Oracle Corporation

“From the very first moments when I started working with the Metric4 team, I was sure they would make it happen.”

Monetizing data to drive
revenue and reduce costs.

Understand, engage and enrich your customer's
experiences towards revenue-generating strategies

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