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Using state of the art artificial intelligence, deep learning and neuro networks algorithms over video technology.

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Our analytics solution can process data from existing equipment, such as security cameras, temperature sensors, CO2 sensors, light sensors, HVAC machines and a multitude of other sources. We can interface with mqtt, rest APIs and modbus, to name a few. If there is no existing equipment, or if it needs to be extended, our own sensors, called DOTS, can be deployed to gather raw data about their surroundings. They do all of the processing involved in detecting people and their physical characteristics anonymously.

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Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, deep learning and neural networks algorithms over video technology, our software aims to value spaces by monetizing data and transforming insights into real actions. As it is composed of a proprietary IoT plataform, owned hardware and software, solutions can also make use of customer's appliances to easily get what really matters for your business.

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KPI delivery

If offers a comprehensive view of the data, allowing for date comparison, charts, heatmaps, and portfolio management. We can also serve data via our REST API.

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Analytics machine

All data gathered is both processed in flight and at a later stage for the production of KPIs, for instance: people counting, occupancy, density, dwell time, directions, paths and heatmaps.

IoT platform

Highly available, scalable, built to ingest massive amounts of data and process them in flight or persist them safely for further processing.