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Based in Porto, Portugal with an International profile.

The world is our natural intervention space and we really target a metric for all.

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Co-Founder, Business & Strategy

José Gomes

Jose's background for the last 20 years has been in management and information systems, with experience in more than 15 countries as COO, Programme Manager and Consultant. Jose has decided to embrace this new project with a strong belief that computer vision, artificial intelligence, neural networking, data science, IoT will affect the way business is done and that can be achievable with no need for costly and complex solutions, focusing mostly on clients. He is in charge of the company business development and strategy.

Co-Founder & Product Development

José Quadrado

With a formal education in Systems Engineering, José's background comprises 8 years of work in different areas ranging from mobile development and operational UX design for underwater autonomous vehicles to distributed processing systems and embedded devices development in the Space Analytics field. Personal interest in machine learning applied to computer vision contributed to the realization that these techniques could be applied to a multitude of use-cases in order to provide valuable information in a very accurate and cost-effective manner.

Co-Founder, Technology and Innovation

Pedro Teixeira

With a background in electronics, Pedro has spent most of his professional life building high availability systems. He loves to tinker, play and make the most out of everything, be it computer systems or cars.

Co-Founder & Product Development

Pedro Calado

Pedro has been a software engineer for the past 10 years. He focuses on building reliable software solutions for both embedded systems and backend applications.